Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Odd Customer Appreciation @TDAmeritrade #TMI Inactive = Disengaged. This is Your #Reward? #BadUI

TDAmeritrade recently launched a limited-time rewards program aimed at helping less active clients become more proactive (and tying said activity to earning potential incentives). There's nothing wrong with this! In fact, if such a program encourages some of your dormant clients to become active clients, then it's a win for your company.

I would suggest; however, that naming the Login Portal for this special rewards program "TDA Disengaged Clients" (not to mention that the URL webid = "TDDIS") is perhaps NOT the most prudent move. It is perhaps, too much information and a negative word/s connotation. Words matter. But of course, this is merely my opinion.

An example of a "bad user experience" (the user is not bad, the experience is).

HINT: You probably want to re-name this webpage. Just saying.

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