What's a g.IRL™ to do?

I started using the online moniker g.IRL™ over a decade ago. I have several web monikers, of course, as I have been online pretty much since the Internet became a widespread public entity. I was luckily at Stanford University, starting in the Fall of 1988 (as an undergraduate student), and so had access to many techie resources as these were debuting large-scale.

As my life pursuit ideas/ideals finally started to coalesce, I wanted to create an online persona that embodied my interests and instantly spoke to who I am and the term g.IRL™ worked. Check the explanation below.
g.IRL™ [pronounced "gee dot eye ar el," i.e., gdotIRL]: a stylized form of the word "girl" (I happen to be one) combining a lower case letter "G" with a separation "dot" (one of the special characters or symbols that almost all online systems recognize) and appending the acronym "IRL" (meaning, in real life); thus, the word can be defined as  "a (female) geek in real life" which I am, or alternately as "a (female) G in real life" because I also like Old School rap. Holler!
Welcome to my personal blog. Expect it to be a geek fest.

-- Θεα AKA g.IRL™